Crater Set

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The complete Crater set consist of all the 10 fiberglass volumes from the Crater family, with Dual-Texture(DT)/Full-Texture(FT) option.

Slopy and technical holds with an premium look brings will bring a lot of attention, views and likes to your routes.

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Crater 1 – 65*62*25cm
Crater 2 – 55*45*17cm
Crater 3 – 59*36*12cm
Crater 4 – 44*39*16cm
Crater 5 – 40*40*12cm
Crater 6 – 44*35*10cm
Crater 7 – 38*27*8cm
Crater 8 – 31*29*8cm
Crater 9 – 23*23*6cm
Crater10 – 22*18*6cm

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Random Color, Black, Grey dark, Grey medium, Grey light, Green, Turquise, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow


Dual Texture, Full Texture